Monday, October 19, 2009

Catching up

We're back baby! Finally, after a year of construction and obstruction, our terrace was completed last month--just in time for biting fall weather, wind and rain. Still, we hauled all of our plants, pots and supplies off the roof and are slowly preparing for winter and the eventual coming of spring 2010.
Yes, we missed an entire planting season, but judging from conversations I've had with my gardening counterparts around the east, this was the summer to miss. Wet and cold, the weather was hardly ideal, yielding precious little.
Meanwhile, I harvested the last of the basil I'd planted indoors and made a nice batch of pesto over the weekend. I pulled two tomatoes off the Charlie's Green that I insisted on planting indoors and have them ripening in a bag (I did get one vine ripened tomato to put in my salad last month, which was a kick, I assure you!)
The parsley, which is outdoors now, is still growing strong, as is the oregano.
But with such a chill in the air, I'm looking forward to our long weekend coming up in Austin, Tx. where it's been about 70 degrees during the day. Yee haw!