Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bully for Bloomberg's ban on Styrofoam

Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to offer up a new proposal to make NYC more environment-friendly: a ban on Styrofoam. Well, as my readers know from previous posts, I'm a bit of a recycling nut so I'm all for it. McDonald's was shamed into doing away with the non-biodegradable packaging years ago. I think New York's coffee shops and delis should do the same. But even more exciting for me were the last lines in the New York Times story saying that food recycling could be coming to NYC. Dumping food into landfill is such a waste - pun intended! I already separate my food and bring it to the green market for composting along with hundreds of others every week. It would be a real step in the right direction if NYC makes composting a reality for all New Yorkers.
"He will also propose taking the first steps toward city collection of food waste for composting, starting with a pilot program on Staten Island," the Times story says. Can't wait till it hits Manhattan!