Friday, June 19, 2009

Urban gardening gets a NY Times nod

While I wait, impatiently, for construction to end on my outdoor space (the month of constant rain has been no help!) I am watching with interest as the urban gardening trend blossoms.
Just check out this New York Times story : "Urban Gardening, a bit closer to the sun."
It's encouraging to see gardeners growing food on rooftops and helping to fight global warming at the same time.
Over the past five years of growing greens on my own Manhattan terrace, I've learned that one can live in the city and still eat fresh food all summer (without spending a bushel!)
Though I'm relegated to indoor gardening for now, the good news is that my basil, oregano and parsely plants -- sitting by my livingroom window -- are producing nicely and adding fresh flavor to my nightly salads.
I recommend highly that city dwellers everywhere pick up a few herb plants at a farmer's market and put them in any sunny spot. Just having them to pluck when making salads, omelettes or pasta dishes will make cooking more fun -- and delicious!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Art of the Tomato

It's raining, the construction on my terrace drags on and my indoor lettuce is not growing as robustly as I'd hoped. However, I do have to share about an extraordinary gift I recently received from fine artist Daria Deshuk, who is also a good friend and family member.
Inspired by this blog, Daria gave Mitch and I one of her beautiful paintings of a basket full of ripe tomatoes. It will soon be framed and hung on my wall,reminding me that more fruitful summers are still to come.