Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Art of the Tomato

It's raining, the construction on my terrace drags on and my indoor lettuce is not growing as robustly as I'd hoped. However, I do have to share about an extraordinary gift I recently received from fine artist Daria Deshuk, who is also a good friend and family member.
Inspired by this blog, Daria gave Mitch and I one of her beautiful paintings of a basket full of ripe tomatoes. It will soon be framed and hung on my wall,reminding me that more fruitful summers are still to come.


Anonymous said...

I have tried and tried to grow tomatoes and they just never seem to bear fruit. I can grow peppers, basil, even apple trees and more, just can't get the tomatoe plants to bear fruit. Here's a great article on Rapid weight loss by removing sugar from the diet.

urbangardener said...

The key to healthy tomato plants is plenty of sunshine. Good soil and fertilizer helps too. We use Hoffman's Tomato Food as well as Miracle Grow soil and tomato food. Try buying mature seedlings from a green market or nursery. That should make it easier.

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