Monday, June 27, 2011

Urban Gardening Salute to the Sun

Ready to pick

I went to Vermont for a 3 day Wanderlust yoga festival over the weekend, and my garden did a salute to the sun! Over the weelend, the two cukes on the vines doubled in size; the blueberries went from small and green to plump and bright blue; the cherry tomatoes sprouted fruit; and the hydrangea exploded with colorful flowers. Wow!

Hydrangea in bloom
Cucumber salad

Frying peppers

Blueberry burst

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to grow cucumbers

Hooray! My cucumbers are gowing. Last year, the little devils just did not cooperate. I got vines, but the cukes only grew to the size of large jelly beans!
If this early kirby is any example, I will be getting a healthy crop this year.
I'm not sure what got in the way last season, but I made a couple of changes this year. First, I bought the vines you see in the photo from the Green Market instead of planting from seed. (I also have vines growing from seed and those I will report on when -and if - they produce.)
Another change: I planted them in a long planter rather than a large round pot. Certain veggies, including lettuce, seem to grow best in the long shallow containers. I am using trellises to hold up the vines, and they seem to like this arrangement.
I have heard that bees are needed to pollinate cukes, but I haven't seen many around the plants, so maybe that's just an old wives tale. At any rate, I am looking forward to adding the fresh produce to my salad soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Casting Call: Farmers wanted for major cable network show

Just found out about this opportunity and figured I'd share, dear readers. It's a casting call for farmers. Could this be Green Acres reality style??


Most people assume farms and farmers are boring. Are you the
person that can prove them wrong?

A major cable network is seeking charismatic, larger than life
FARMERS or a farming family who are UNIQUE!. Ideally you are on
a working farm, have an interesting background that led you to your
work and are the LAST person your friends and family thought would
be a farmer. Must have a vast knowledge of the farming industry and
be able to clearly explain it on camera, especially to people less
familiar with the subject.

Please e-mail the following information to with the subject line as
"Eccentric Farmer Application"

Name, Age, Location
Contact Information
Some photos of your yourself
Summary of why you would be ideal for the program