Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Indoor garden takes root

Basil, rosemary, oregano, parsely, lettuce, and tomato. They're all growing in my living room. In fact I plucked some basil leaves from the very tiny plants and put them into my salad last night. Mmmm, fresh!
It's an experiment to be sure, but a very reasonable one. A trip to the Union Square green market, where I picked up three pots of herbs for $5 dollars, resulted in over a dozen basil shoots, several parsley shoots and a healthy oregano plant. I also bought a small flat of heirloom pirat head lettuce, flecked with red, which held over a dozen plants, for $4.50. I've transplanted them all, finding pots in closets and commandeering a few from my inlaws in Scarsdale. The little sprouts are sitting by the windows, soaking up the sun.
In other good news, my colleague Lisa adopted three tomato plants that Mitch created from seeds when we were more optimistic that our terraces would be ready for summer (heirloom brandywine, cherokee chocolate and angora cherry.) She plans to plant them in her Westchester garden. Hopefully, they will be fruitful and we'll get to share...
So, with or without a terrace, I'm pursuing my summer of urban gardening...

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