Wednesday, September 12, 2007

eek! a worm

All summer we managed to avoid them, but I thought I saw telltale signs of green horn worms on one of the plants last week. Little black droppings that just couldn't have been soot. But though I searched under leaves for the invaders, I didn't find any. Until this morning! I was pruning the dead branches from the Japanese Black Trifele when I tried to pick off a leaf - and it turned out to be a big squishy worm! Ugh. It wiggled between my finger tips as I threw it to the ground and smashed the bugger! Splat!


sandy goodman said...

Just got to look at this---
amazing to think that this is in the city. See you tommorow
Happy Holiday and harvest

urbangardener said...

Dinner was great! Glad you liked the tomatoes!