Thursday, April 16, 2009

Green shoots

The seedlings are here! Little green shoots growing on our window sill will turn into big tomato plants soon enough. Mitch planted seeds we got last year from - heirloom Brandywine and Sweet Angora cherries. The Charlie's Greens and Cherokee Chocolates are in the mix too, but they haven't sprouted just yet.
We've never used seeds for two seasons, but this year is different. Our little babies may be growing up in the diaspora. Since the construction on our terraces (due to building maintenance) has been delayed by cold winter weather and a rainy spring, we'll most likely be putting our plants into foster homes.Hopefully, we'll get invited over for a tasting...
Any takers out there??

PS. don't forget to login to on April 23rd to hear my podcast interview on urban gardening!

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