Monday, November 23, 2009

Food for thought

We finally got to see Food Inc. this weekend, and as expected, it gave me yet another reason to eat fresh food, grown locally and sustainably. Food Inc. held no real surprises - I'd seen King Corn (another great documentary) and read many articles on the subject of our flawed factory farm system. Still, it was a grim reminder of how dystopian our food production has become.
As I wait for the spring planting season so I can get back to growing my own, I visit the Union Square Green Market just about every Saturday to drop off my compost and pick up fresh lettuce, veggies, bread and cheese.
I buy Murray's chicken from our Associated grocery store now, but I fear that even Murray's is too commercial. After watching Food Inc.'s footage of Purdue chickens wallowing in their own feces, I am even more motivated to buy local meats from the market. I believe spending a little more to buy from local producers is worth it, from both a health and political pespective. To change the system, we have to support a different system, one that is sustainable, fair and life affirming. The food we get from supermarkets is cheap - but more than ever these days, we get what we pay for....

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