Monday, June 21, 2010

NYC Gardener Weekend Update: Are we there yet?

Tomatoes are the main event in our urban garden, but while we wait for them to fruit, which could take until late July/early August, there are lots of other veggies sprouting. I've been picking lettuce for a few weeks now. It's the most productive of all the crops so far.  The first peppers should be ready for picking in a couple of weeks. I spied clusters of them growing this weekend on each of our four bell pepper plants. The eggplants are also bursting with pretty purple flowers with one eggplant growing rapidly out of a former bud. It's amazing how they expand overnight.
This activity bodes well for a fruitful summer, which is especially rewarding for us since last year construction forced us to give up our garden. From what I've heard, last year was the one to miss. A cold rainy June gave way to a rainy July and a mass case of blight that ruined tomato crops across the North East.
This summer will surely be different. Steve K., a colleague at work, tells me his tomato plants are looking strong and healthy and are close to waist high. Last year, he said they barely grew at all. My aunt Clarice is having luck with her tomatoes this year too. And so are we. Our plants are getting tall and bushy and sprouting yellow flowers. Of course, I do get jealous when I hear from other gardeners, like my cousin who lives South of Philly, who already has green tomatoes growing on her vines. But I know we're right behind her, and I'm looking forward to a great summer in the garden with lots of good stuff to eat! 


meemsnyc said...

We've been harvesting a lot of lettuce too, and absolutely loving it!

meemsnyc said...

Hello! Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. We started all the seedlings during the 2nd week of March in our indoor porch. I'm hoping to get a cold frame to try out next year!

Here is a post of our seedlings.