Sunday, June 6, 2010

Urban Gardener Weekend Update: Pepper Power

After a week in the blazing sun, our tomatoes are beginning to grow sturdy and strong. But it's the peppers that are really taking off right now, especially the yellow bell, which has doubled in size (at least!.) It's full of flowers already! The red, orange and green peppers haven't grown quite as tall, but they're also budding, as are the Japanese eggplants. Hot weather does wonders for the garden. While we wilt, the plants blossom.
It wasn't all weeding and watering. After a nasty wind storm on Sunday evening, the sky cleared and the temperature dropped to delightful just as our friends Charles and Michele Scicolone stopped by for an early evening visit. They live across the street and we often wave from our respective terrace gardens. Michele, who is working on a followup to her cookbook sensation, The Italian Slow Cooker, brought several samples of her latest creations, frozen for us to try at our leisure. Can't wait!
We then broke out a bottle of Mosaico, a dry white from Channing Daughters in Bridgehampton that expert sommelier Charles had never tasted! Now, that is no easy feat...

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