Monday, June 28, 2010

Urban Gardener Weekend Update: Yes, we have green tomatoes!

Our first weekend away, and a what a scorcher it was! While we burned up at the beach, I worried that our plants might be swooning at home. The best news? Our watering system worked perfectly and our veggie garden survived the heat. In fact, it thrived!

The peppers and eggplants have exploded with fruit, the cucumbers are all aflower and the tomatoes are coming in too. Sure, they're small and green, but they will become bright red and ripe for picking soon enough! (We might get our first cherries by mid-July.) Can't wait! Store bought just can't compare to our home-grown heirlooms.

This baby will become a chocolate stripe tomato

Our German green is growing big and strong!
(And so is our red bell pepper.)

These yellow flowers will turn into more tomatoes


meemsnyc said...

Awesome! That is good news! How do you keep them hydrated?

urbangardener said...

Thanks for your comment. To keep the plants hydrated while we're away we have installed a very simple automated watering system. I wrote about it a few weeks ago if you want info on where to get all the parts: