Friday, September 17, 2010

What to plant in the fall

This week I attended a sumptuous dinner at Manhattan's SD 26 to taste wines of Piedmont, Italy. And the conversation eventually turned to gardening. Just before I left the restaurant, a couple of fellow urban gardeners asked what crops are best to plant in the fall. So, I figured it would be a good topic to blog about.
Lettuce and arugula, I can tell you from my own experience, are liking the cool weather just fine. Both crops grew like gangbusters in the spring, but flamed out in the summer heat. Now, they're prospering again. In fact, many leafy greens can handle a light frost, including Swiss Chard, kale, spinach, and collards. Most fine herbs will also grow into the fall. The basil, rosemary and oregano on my terrace are still strong and healthy. Since I grow my crops in containers, I don't go for root veggies, but radishes, turnips, carrots and beets are all considered fall-friendly if you've got enough ground space. I also hear that bok choy does well during Autumn. I may have to try it next year.
Of course, this is hardly a complete list. Since I'm always interested in learning more, if you know of any good fall crops, please leave a post.

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meemsnyc said...

In addition to lettuces, asian greens are great too. They love the cooler weather.