Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hyancinths Arise

Spring is on the way, and so are my hyacinths! I had to pull them up last summer when we planted a Scotch broom into their pot. (we quickly learned that Scotch brooms are not a good choice for a terrace garden.) I had received a gift of hyacinth blooms several Easters ago from my dear friend Miriam.  Three stems multiplied into close to 20 over the years. I stored them over the summer in my closet in paper bags punched with little holes. I meant to plant them promptly in the fall, in our window box where the impatiens were growing. Of course I procrastinated, (and the impatiens stayed strong through the warm autumn.) I finally planted the bulbs just days before the first frost. And then, well, what a cold winter we had. I wasn't sure they would survive. But here they are, pushing their green tips through the soil. By Easter,the purple flowers should be in full bloom.

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meemsnyc said...

I absolutely love hyacinths. Mine are coming up too. I can't remember what color I planted. So it will be a nice surprise.