Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tomato debut - 2011

I'm happy to report that our 2011 tomato seedlings are growing strong. Planted just two weeks ago, they are already a few inches high and looking healthy. We decided to use the same heirloom seeds we purchased last year at and we had no problems. Aunt Ruby's German Green, Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Chocolate Stripe and Black Cherry all rose to the occasion. They'll soon be ready for the great outdoors!
This is always an exciting time - though of course not quite as exciting as when we get to pick ripe tomatoes off the vine and taste their deliciousness. Ah, we'll have to wait till summer for that mouthwatering treat...


TechieLaw said...


My apartment has a south-facing terrace. I have never done much gardening before, and certainly never done any growing in Manhattan.

I would really like to have some fresh tomatoes, herbs, and possibly flowers on my terrace this summer. Could you point me at some resources describing what I need to get started? My terrace gets sunlight from about 11:30 am until close to dusk. It is about 6x18.

Thanks so much in advance!

urbangardener said...

Hi Techie Law
These are great questions and I can certainly head you in the right direction. If you scroll down on my blog on the right side, you'll see my list of favorite suppliers "Where we get our stuff."
And, to give you a more detailed idea of how to get started, I'm posting a "Urban gardening made easy." Hope this helps!