Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Holy Tomato - This baby is two pounds!

After a tough beginning battling blossom-end rot, worms and a withering heat wave, we have tomatoes. Our Chocolate Stripes, Cherokee Purples and Aunt Ruby's Greens are ripe, juicy and delicious. But the Brandywines are the biggest!
Check out this two-pounder. It's by far the heaviest tomato we've ever grown. Perfect with mozzarella and basil. Mmmm.

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revel gardener said...

Hey Holy Tomato growers! Great job on the brandywine. Mine have been super big this year, too, though I have nothing prior to compare them to, since this is the first year I'm growing them. Along with the brandywines, I'm also growing Cosmonauts, Oregon Springs, and Peach Blow (sounds kind risque, eh?). Question for you: do you know of any danger caused by the splitting? I've been eating them with no problem at all but then came across one that had a tiny worm in it (it was a cosmo), with no evident point of entry. Made me feel kinda squeamish about the rest, not the way I want to be feeling when I've been so ecstatic to be seeing the harvest this year. Thoughts? p.s. let me know if you all might be interested in joining the Big BK Seed, Etc., Exchange I'm organizing with some other bloggers in Brooklyn. Congrats on your harvest! It looks great. Revel on.