Saturday, October 29, 2011

North East Snow Storm pelts my garden!

Saved from the Oct. snow storm

Picked clean

Really Mother Nature? Snow in October? When I heard a snow storm was coming, I couldn't believe it. I chalked it up to another made for TV weather event. But I figured I'd better pick off all the greens that were still growing through the warm fall season, just in case. I had plenty of basil and a good smattering of salad greens, as well as a few peppers on the vines. But with the sun setting before 6 pm, I never got home from work early enough to catch the light. And I had a busy week with early mornings at the office. When I saw all the snow falling today, I rushed out in my rain gear and finally got to picking. I felt a bit like a migrant worker trying to save the crops from a hard frost. My fingers just about froze too. But it was worth it, as I did manage to salvage a reasonable amount of vegetation. Later on today, I'll roast the peppers. The basil will make a nice addition to a pot of tomato sauce. And I'll be having a fresh green salad for lunch. Yum. If this ends the growing season, so be it. This year we've kept a record of our harvest, which I'll post soon enough.

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