Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hyacinths bloom in February

Last night my husband said he noticed that my hyacinths were pushing up in our window box. In February? Are you sure? I asked, in disbelief. But with a walk outdoors this morning, in frigid temperature I might add, I saw for myself the green shoots among the weeds.
This is clearly not the proper timing. The lovely spring flowers are meant to come up in April, or March at the earliest. They are commonly in full bloom by Easter. But it's been so warm lately that the flowers must have gotten the wrong signals from Mother Nature. And now that it's freezing again here in the Northeast, I wonder if they'll be able to continue growing until they bloom. The temperatures are expected to rise this week, so I suspect they can survive a few freezing days. I also wonder if this freak event will kill the bulbs or mess with their rhythm for years to come. To me, it's just another sign of climate change and the strange new world we live in. Has anyone else seen early risings or other odd events in their gardens?

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