Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blueberry Mockingbird saga, part 2

Jersey berries taste great
A super warm spring led to early blueberry blossoms and we're now reaping the rewards: juicy, sweet blueberries. But we're not the only ones interested in harvesting the fruit. Our neighboring Mockingbirds have been eager to join the party. We were ready for them this year, unlike last year, with bird netting that we swathed around our bushes. It is definitely helping, though the birds are not that easily defeated. Just the other day, I saw a female clinging to the net and poking around with her little beak. She didn't get any berries as I was there to scare her away. However, on July 4th, I found out just how resourceful those birds can be. Our neighbors Amy and Sean stopped over for snacks, and even in the 90 degree heat we took them out to view our garden. As we opened the door to the terrace we heard all kinds of flapping and fluttering. A glance at the Jersey bush revealed a handsome male Mockingbird--inside the netting and desperately trying to get out! As we tried to help, the bird got more distraught. Thankfully, he eventually slipped out the bottom and flew off. I can't say for sure, but I bet he'll think twice before doing that again! And I'll be sure to better seal up the net after picking berries.
This mocking bird wants my berries!

Fresh picked

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