Monday, August 19, 2013

Blueberry bird feeder

That didn't take long! I removed the nets from my blueberry bushes and within days the Mockingbirds were back. I woke this morning to the sound of chirp chirp.
I thought they'd left town since I hadn't seen or heard from them since one had slipped under the net and I had to help it get out. That was a few weeks ago.But these are persistent little buggers. As I peered out my window, I saw the grey bird on the terrace railing, berry in beak. It did a head tilt, a quick swallow and off it went, laughing, I'm sure.
Well, it's end of season and there are just a few berries left so what the heck. Go to town little critters. Enjoy the fruits of my labor!
This Jersey berry bush was netted last week. Now it's fair game for the birds.


Anonymous said...

Is that the same NJ blueberry bush you bought last year? My problem with birds is they like to set up house in our vents, they eat away at the barriers (metal and plastic), those birds are evil. And yes, they look at me with that tilted head when they get caught, ha ha. MK.

urbangardener said...

We've had the Jersey bush for 3 seasons. It's the hardiest one and produces the sweetest fruit. And those little devils love it.

Greg Draiss said...

Please don't tell me that is a bag of Miracle Gro garden or Potting Mix in the photo. The stuff is crap

urbangardener said...

We've had good luck with Miracle Gro, though we don't use it much any more.