Monday, August 4, 2008

Better late than never

On Friday night we tasted the first fruits of our tomato labor - the cherries. Mmmm -delicious. They were sweet and the skin wasn't tough like last year's crop. Partly we attribute that to the automatic watering system that keeps the plants moist throughout the day.
So, the long wait for the tomato crop is coming to an end. I see the Donna's ripening and the Charlie's Greens turning a deeper shade. The other heirlooms are holding out, but the signs are good that we'll have Brandywines and Cherokee Chocolates in a couple of weeks!
There's no doubt that the fruit has been slow to ripen this year. And we battled some blossom end rot, so we had to snip off some of the early fruit and sprinkle Hoffman Tomato Food 5-10-10, a phosphorus rich blend of fertilizer, on the soil. But overall, we could have the best crop ever! The plants are as healthy as I've ever seen them. They're already towering over my head! If the weather stays good, looks like we'll have tomatoes through at least October. (Last year a few of the plants were still producing in December!)
Can't wait to make our first Caprese salad. And find some new recipes!

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