Friday, August 15, 2008

The News Could Not Be Worse!!!!!!

Okay, I haven't been shot, no one died and I've not been diagnosed with an incurable disease. That's the good news.
The bad news? We're losing our garden - that's right - the whole thing. We must kill off all of our plants by August 29th - yes, our seven beautiful tomato plants, our five bell peppers, our two Japanese eggplants and our herb garden - the peppermint and basil, the rosemary and thyme - all of it. August 29th, that's the day that workers will begin resurfacing the facade of our building.
Now, we didn't know that this work was going to take place until a few weeks ago, when we received notice that our maintenance was going up, WAY UP, for a year.
Earlier this week, we saw scaffolding going up on the street level. I was surprised to see this happening so soon. Then today, August 15, we received a letter from our building manager, informing us that our terrace must be cleared by, well you know when.
So, this is a sad situation. The tomatoes, which as anyone reading my blog knows, have been late bloomers this year and are just beginning to turn. The plants are as healthy and strong as they have ever been and I was sure we'd be getting tomatoes right through the October. Now, all we can do it hope the ones that are large enough will ripen in the next couple of weeks.
We'll be cutting back the new growth and any little greenies that can't possibly make it to fully ripened fruit.
It just seems wrong. I just wish I'd gone to that damn tenants meeting in the spring so I would have known ahead of time. Maybe we'd have planted super tomatoes that grow at lightening speed and ripen on command.
Okay, so that's it. I can only hope the rain lets up, we get some good hot sun and what's on the vine turns red and luscious by August 29th...

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