Monday, September 1, 2008

More dinners, hanging onto those vines

So, we've staved off sudden death for another week, i.e., the construction on our terrace has yet to start and we're keeping our tomato and veggie plants alives as long as we can. We were expected to have our terrace cleared by August 29th,(read earlier post), but as Labor Day comes to a close, we've still got'em growing! And they're still producing wonderful fruit.
Here's a shout out to our good friend Valerie Smaldone (yes, another Valerie) who came for dinner last Tues with our good friend (and her boyfriend) Rick. She wrote all about our caprese salad, heirloom tomato platter and fresh tomato sauce (sugo)on her blog for the Italian American Network (who knew??) - so maybe our tomato tastings will become famous! Check it out at
And of course, we had to have my cousin Ken and his new fiance Sisi over(top.) She is Italian Italian - from Padua - and even she was impressed with our harvest!
Sadly, Mitch had to uproot the pretty impatience and other flowers today so we can move the planters up to the roof on Wednesday. I harvested the peppermint, oregano and basil and hung bunches of each on the curtain rod to dry. But the tomatoes, they're still growing strong. We've read that clipping all the new flowers and the tiniest greenies helps the larger fruit grow quicker, so we've been doing that in hopes that as many of them as possible can ripen before we have to cut the vines down...I'll keep ya posted!

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