Sunday, September 14, 2008

Winding down

On such a hot day, one could almost forget that fall is on its way and growing season will soon come to its end. We harvested six big heirlooms and four nice sized eggplants today. And the cherries - we're up to our ears, not that I'm complaining.
I feel lucky that our plants are still delivering. After all, due to a construction project at our building, our terrace was supposed to be cleared two weeks ago. But, one thing you can count on with construction is delays. So, we've delayed knocking off our plants. Boy, has it been worth it. Even though the leaves are turning yellow and brown and we've pinched off every new flower to bring the energy into the tomatoes already on the vines, we're still getting great fruit. The eggplants are having a second wind too--I've counted at least 10 new ones growing. We've been eating plenty of Caprese salads, making fresh sauce and ratatouille, and roasting peppers. I just read that freezing whole tomatoes is a great way to preserve them for cooking - the skin peels right off when they're defrosted, so we'll definitely do that too.
Sadly, the construction crew is on the march, they're putting up winches and preparing to scaffold the building. But if we get another two weeks, we should see most everything on the vines ripen. I'm crossing my fingers!

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