Sunday, March 22, 2009

NYC Gardener and the Holistic Option Podcast

So, urban gardening is becoming a trend and here I am at the epicenter - well - at least I'm a part of it. And so, I'm going to be featured on a podcast at a great Website, The Holistic Option.
Kelly Campbell, who founded the site a year ago found me through Facebook and we spoke last week about gardening in the heart of Manhattan. She'll be posting an edited version of our chat at her site,, on April 23rd.
So as we begin to prepare for this year's crop - and hope that we can reclaim our terraces from the construction which has been delayed by all the cold weather - I'm also looking forward to hearing from old friends and new ones who hear the podcast and have any questions or want to share about their own urban gardening experiences (or inexperiences...)

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