Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's heeeeeeeeere

Spring came in with a bang, with 70 degree temperatures and plenty of sunshine. For the first time since the construction of 2008, I was able to sit outside and enjoy breakfast on my terrace--a real treat for the first day of spring. Already, the Hyacinth bulbs are peeking up and my Hydrangea is sprouting green. I spent much of the day weeding the pots and window boxes, just cause I could! On Friday night, Mitch and I picked out our 2010 tomato crop from our favorite site, Tomato Fest, which offers an encyclopedic variety of organic heirloom seeds. We ordered six packettes, including our usual Brandywine and Cherokee Purple, as well as a few newbies, like Black Cherry and Aunt Ruby's Yellow. Hopefully, we'll be starting our seedlings next weekend, and planting them in our pots by Memorial Day!

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