Monday, January 11, 2010

Spring in the air

Forget that arctic blast you feel hitting your face every time you leave your home these days. New York may be in the deep freeze, but hints of spring are in the air-- well, in the ground. Stepping out on my terrace for a quick weather check yesterday, I noticed that pots of parsely that I thought were long dead thanks to the cold, were actually growing! And then I saw buds sprouting on my Hydrangea. No kidding! I didn't think plants could grow through sustained freezing temperatures. But there were the green shoots and purple buds rising from the soil. So as I pack up my skis this weekend and head to even colder territory, I can leave with the assurance that soon enough, I'll be planting our crops for 2010. And it can't come soon enough. The supermarket produce is killin' me!


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Bill said...

Nice to see a dash of spring while coming in out of all this snow! Thanks for that, it'll help keep this wintry day looking forward to fresh shoots of green and warmer temps.