Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It's been unseasonably chilly the past few days in NYC, which makes me wonder about what kind of summer and growing season we'll have this year. I was thinking on my walk home from work along Third Avenue that it would be perfect if the weather were mild, not too rainy and not too hot. Of course it would.
However, NYC weather is never what you'd like it to be, especially in the summer. It's usually steamy and uncomfortable, humid and well, smelly.
Last year, however, the conditions were even worse for planting. It was terribly wet, and blight descended upon much of the tomato crop in the tri-state area. Usually tasty Jersey tomatoes were mealy and hard. Even heirlooms sold at the Green Market were sub par.
Due to construction, our garden was 86ed last season. In retrospect, it was the season to miss.
For that reason, and many others, I'm so looking forward to getting our garden back on track. With the various seedlings growing in our living room right now (tomato, basil, cucumber and parsely to name a few) and plans to add lettuce, peppers, eggplants and more, it won't be long...Can't wait!

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