Sunday, April 25, 2010

Growing seedlings

This is a magical time for a north eastern urban gardener, a time when the seedlings planted a month ago begin to show signs of the bountiful harvest to come. Our tomato, basil, parsley and cucumber seedlings are definitely on their way. I can't wait to transfer them from their little indoor potlets to their outdoor homes--25 gallon pots. We've done plenty of weeding and preparing and in another three weeks or so, our terrace garden should be fully functional. It's especially exciting this season because we were forced to sit out last year, due to construction on our terrace.
Added to our home grown seedlings will be four kinds of bell pepper starters from Home Depot, as well as japanese eggplant and heirloom lettuce varieties from the Union Square Green Market. We'll also grow the usual herbs: oregano, mint, thyme, lavender, dill. We have a couple of scrawny blueberry bushes that we purchased recently from Miller Nurseries that I hope will grow nicely this summer. Our strawberry plant is already aflower. As long as we get good weather, we should be looking forward to a productive summer season! Can't wait!

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