Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pizza a Casa makes its debut

Just got back from a tasting at a brand new pizza school on the Lower East Side. Pizza a Casa, run by homemade pizza master Mark Bello, makes its official debut tomorrow (Apr. 15.) I met Bello just a couple of weeks ago through my friend, neighbor amd fellow gardener, Charles S., at an event for Grana Padano Italian cheeses. He was immediately interested in our urban garden, and told me stories about his own tomato growing days in Chicago. Bello invited a few folks in tonight to try his gourmet thin crust pies and included me on his list. My favorite: the white pizza which was sweet and creamy, topped with ricotta, butter, house roasted peppers, a little lemon zest and black pepper. Another winner: the pancetta and egg pizza with fried sage. Mmm.
Bello has been teaching the art of pie making for years everywhere from Murray's Cheese Shop to the JCC - where he gives classes in Kosher pizza making. Pizza a Casa, a 450 sq. ft. space at 371 Grand Street, is his first retail location. He offers public classes for up to 12, as well as private events (this weekend he's hosting a bachelorette party for 16.)
Later this summer, when our garden is ripe with produce, we hope to bring in some of our delicious heirloom tomatoes, peppers, basil and more and collaborate on an urban gardening pizza making extravaganza. Can't wait!

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