Sunday, April 4, 2010

First planting - Blueberries

Inspired by our neighbors and fellow urban gardeners Charles & Michele S., who last year showed us the blueberry bushes growing on their terrace, we ordered two of our own from Miller Nurseries a couple of weeks ago (see Berry Good Year, Mar. 24, 2010.) We popped into Home Depot last weekend and bought a couple of nice faux stone planters, 18 inches in diameter each, in preparation for the bushes' arrival. Well, they showed up earlier this week, in a brown paper sack. Instructions said to plant them within three weeks. We couldn't wait that long! So, today, we got them into the soil. Sure, they look pretty scrawny, and in truth, we're told not to expect much fruit until next year, but I'm still pretty excited about our new addition.

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