Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tomato seedlings arise

It seems appropriate on this gloriously sunny spring day in New York to write about this season's tomato crop. Just a week after planting, the tomato seedlings have already surfaced and the green shoots are climbing from their tiny peat pellets. Mitch says this is the fastest he's seen the tomato plants sprout in our five growing seasons. We kept them on the heater all week, and they seemed to like that. The heat was very low, so it didn't dry them out at all, but just warmed the soil enough to help them germinate.
This is great because they'll be nice and strong by the time we move them outdoors in late May. We have six varieties: Black Cherry, Aunt Ruby's Yellow Cherry, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple and Chocolate Stripes. We purchased the seeds online at
We spent some time on the terrace today, weeding, cleaning and rearranging, getting our pots ready for planting time.

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