Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everything's coming up roses

It's too cold to put our tomatoes into their outdoor pots just yet, so they're waiting patiently on our dining table, along with the basil, parsley and cucumber seedlings. But the roses are giving us a nice show this weekend. Big bursts of color just in time to brighten our days. I was thinking of cutting them to make a nice vase full of flowers, but didn't have the heart. On the next go round, however, I'm going to break out the clippers. As the warm weather finally settles in, I'm sure we'll have plenty of chances for floral arrangements.
For Mother's Day, before having dinner with the in-laws, Mitch and I are heading to Home Depot in Yonkers to pick up some supplies, including bell pepper seedlings (we find the Home Depot pepper plants grow well and have fewer bugs than Green Market starters), some 6 ft. bamboo tomato poles (since many of ours are rotting after several years of use,) and a trellis for our cucumber vines (a new addition to our variety of crops.) We'd also like to pick up another rose bush (they sell starters for under $10 and ones we've purchased before have done well.) Other supplies include a new hose and dispenser, some random pots and whatever other veggie starters catch our eyes.
I'm excited about experimenting with planting salad greens this summer. I plan to pick up several heirloom lettuce varieties at the Union Square green market next weekend. And of course, we'll be adding the cucumbers. Mitch is worried that the vines will grow out of control. We'll see what happens.

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