Sunday, May 9, 2010

Home Depot haul

Mother's Day in Westchester is our annual opportunity to shop at a suburban Home Depot with its giant gardening supply section. We rent a car to visit the in-laws and come back bearing gardening bounty. This Sunday we bought plenty of goodies. For starters, we picked up four bell pepper plants (green, red, yellow, orange) two japanese eggplants and a pot of flat parsely, each for about $3.50. Additionally, we grabbed a 50ft. hose, medium grade, for $16, a $10 Meinor watering wand and a 6 ft. wooden trellis for the cucumber plants for $14 (this might be overkill. We'll find out.)
Surprisingly, the Depot didn't carry impatience which we need for our window boxes, so we popped into Simply the Best nursery on Weaver Street in Scarsdale, just down the street from Mitch's parents, and got a flat of 32 plants for $10.99, as well as a dozen 6 ft. bamboo tomato poles for $8.
Great day in suburbia!


shell said...

Wow. Its like Christmas in May! Can we see them all potted up?

urbangardener said...

Yes,they'll all be in pots by the end of the week. I'll be posting photos shortly. Please keep checking in.
Thanks for reading!