Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Season's slow start

Between knee surgery this winter and the rainy spring our gardening season has gotten off to a slow start. We were late to plant our tomato seedlings and did not get them into their pots till mid-June. And now they are taking their sweet time growing. They're still tiny, and have yet to flower. By July they should be twice as big.
We're having better luck with lettuce which likes chilly wet weather.
Our tomato plants are so puny.

At least our basil is growing strong. In fact, we just made our first batch of pesto. (I was lucky to catch a little sun for these photos.)

I've already harvested two cucumbers. I hope this flowering plant bears more fruit!

Our flowers are doing the best of all. The hydrangea is the biggest and fullest its ever been. I love the pink blooms. But veggies are the main event for us. I hope the season isn't a total wash out!

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